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do you think admiral hackett literally sits around waiting for his omni-tool to ping him when shepard enters a system where shit’s going down so he can hit up the comm systems and be like, “yo shep, can you go take care of this shit?  this file’s been sitting on my desk for like ten years.”


just make it a good one
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i think the fade is boring I’m not looking forward to the fade please don’t make me go back to the fade

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Yeah, this is 98 percent of my job. I just watch buttons flash. Sometimes I press one.

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dragon age numbers meme → one origin
[1/1] — “Don’t leave me alone. Please… please take me home.” 

For anyone who might have ever wondered what I look like on a day to day basis ♥

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So I’m probably going to be taking even more of a Hiatus than I already was in the next few days because not only am I swapped with Uni work (already) and have at least 3 books to read but I am also incredibly, horribly sick. So I will be spending all of my time in bed scribbling into a notepad and reading George Orwell, sorry guys ily all ♥


Iron Bull by Flauschtraut




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DRAGON AGE INQUISITION  -  Dragons everywhere.

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